A skinny kitten dragged into someone else’s yard. He had a collar, but the owners didn’t need the crumb

Aksinya Malykh with the onset of summer, went with his family to the Kuban. And there a new and very pleasant acquaintance awaited them! 

Once a small and very thin kitten came to the girl’s house. It is not known why the baby’s tail was damaged, but at the same time a collar dangled on his skinny neck, which indicated that he did have owners. 

Askinya talked with relatives with local residents and neighbours, after which they found out where the pet’s owners are. The girl came to their house with the kitten, and the owners said, that they didn’t need the baby at all, and if she wants, then let her take it for herself. Aksinya did just like that! 

At first, people couldn’t decide on a nickname for an animal. But when he saw how he looked at the neighbour’s chickens, plotting unkindness, they called him Kuroodav or simply Kurik.  

The kitten turned out to be a fighting guy, taking up to the destruction of all grasshoppers and lizards in the yard. And when it was time to return to the city, the Aksinya family took the pet with them. That’s how he became a city dweller! 

At first, Kurik was cramped in the apartment, but soon he got used to the new living conditions. In the end, what difference does it make where to live if there are caring and loving people nearby?

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