A cat, who enjoys being in the centre of attention and receives a lot of love

An adorable cat, who adores delivery man and always gets caresses from them

This cat adores attention and going on walks. The little kitty considered a plan how to engage her in conversation and additional petting. The delivery man have already adored the kitty. She adores playing with everyone, who brings mails or parcels to the owner.

The owner told, that during Covid 19 they switched to doing everything remotely and started ordering many things to their home, such as ready made food, groceries and other things. And their working schedule disturbed the cat’s sleep schedule, so she began going out more often during the day.

Her GPS collar and webcams help her owners follow her everywhere. So they learned, that their cat tried to link to the delivery man. She gets her needed attention, even if the person isn’t interested in her.

The cat has already become the beloved one of the delivery man, who adored caressing her. She always makes everyone happy in the family and also the delivery team. The owner told, that people prefer to visit them and play with the cat.

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