The adorable scene how two separated gorillas reunited again melts everyone’s hearts

The two gorillas’ reaction after meeting each other again is quite touching.

When one of the gorillas named Kesho was chosen to participate in a breeding programme, he had to be divided from his brother Alf.

But when they reunited again, they behaved themselves as they had never been away from each other before.

Although, many brothers fight with each other all day, these cuties were so connected to each other, that when they reunited again after three years, they hugged and behaved themselves as they hadn’t been separated.

This amazing scene took place at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.

Kesho was thirteen years old, while his brother was nine, and they had to be divided from each other in 2010, because one of them was sent to London Zoo .

After three years he came back, and his appearance was partly changed, but it didn’t disturb Alf to recognise his brother and welcomed him with happiness.

These two loyal brothers couldn’t hide their emotions after seeing each other.

They didn’t show any aggression or bad behaviour during their meeting. Sometimes they showed rude behaviour while communicating with each other, but they were only prankish actions.

The playful animals just amazed the viewers with their crazy behaviours.

They communicate with each other in the same way as before. How amusing they are!

It was obvious that these two cuties enjoy spending their time together and they were both proud of having each other in their lives.

The old brother looked after the little one carefully, and it seemed that Alfa liked to be in the centre of attention.

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