The happiness of a sweet dog abandoned outside after seeing people came to save him

Human kindness towards street animals is awesome

One family abandoned their dog chained to a big tree. They didn’t left any food or other supplies for the dog. Happily caring neighbours heard the dog’s voice and came to assist.

Fancy is a sweet puppy, who once had owners and a cozy house. His neighbours gave him a box with straw to keep him warm. The dog waited for someone to give him food and water, but there was no one.

The neighbours started to notice, that no one visited or watched over him and also the weather became colder. The yard was covered with snow.

The dog was absolutely happy when people gathered to assist him. He leapt and wagged his tail and people considered, there was no other reason to abandon him.

So the dog discovered new loving owners, that will take care of him and gave him a lot of love.

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