A black dog, who started becoming white over time

Unusual colouring dog, who has his own Instagram page

This dog is already ten years old and he enjoys spending time outside. He has the same appearance as other dogs of his breed. This quality helped the dog become a real Internet star.

The dog was born black and all his life he spent like this. But when the dog turned nine white patches began to appear all over his body. He is a very active and friendly dog.

He’s always ready to go everywhere you want. The dog’s owner told, that he adores to drive and travel. His owner shared his photo next to the dining room table. Internet users were adored by the picture.

And just in a short time the photo received almost 35000 likes. People are always in love with the dog’s attractiveness. From that moment the woman has uploaded an information about his activities and everyday life on his Instagram page.

Pictures of an overjoyed dog with an unusual colouring attracted everyone’s attention. The dog had been called many nicknames from internet users.

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