An adorable kitty, who developed a fondness for television shows and programs

The whole family enjoys watching programs with their beloved kitty

The kitty named Elia was adopted from the shelter when she was 10 years old. She wasn’t embarrassed to talk about her loves and dislikes, as she knew them very well. Elia is a very demanding and vocal kitty.

The owner of the kitty named Emma Sewe told, that her kitty is a lady, who knows what she desires, so she couldn’t condemn her for that. Elia had been living with his owner almost for a month when her owner considered to watch The Grinch, which attracted her.

And so the kitty developed a fondness for chat shows and television programs. Now Elia regularly watches television. She wants from the morning for her owner to get up and turn on her beloved programs.

The kitty’s beloved program for now is Bino, although she formerly adored Rick and Morty. Elia’s owners are amazed and happy by her fondness of television. The owners often watch their beloved movies with her.

The whole family, and also the kitty makes some snacks, sits on the couch and chooses a film or a show, that everyone will enjoy.

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