The mother cat fought to the end to get her kittens back, proving that mother’s love is above all else

Mother’s love is a powerful force!

Both in humanity and in wildlife, mothers are considered powerful creatures, because they are ready to do even the impossible for their babies’ safety.

One day, something amazing happened with the workers of Mill Road Vet Clinic in Whangarei, when they found a box of four kittens in front of the door. They hurried to take the babies in and provided them with food and drink.

The kittens were four weeks old and the staff immediately fell in love with them, because they were so cute and adorable.

One of the workers named Nicole decided to take the babies home and take care of them during the night. The next day another amazing case took place, when the staff found out a cat at the door.

The poor creature wanted to come in and when the workers saw that she didn’t have any intention of leaving, they decided to let her in to see what she wanted.

When the animal came in, the staff discovered that she was a nursing mother and they realised that the poor catty came for her kittens.

The workers thought that both the mother and the four kittens were abandoned. The kittens’ caretaker and the staff were so happy to return the babies to their mother and they organised the meeting as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the mother cat found her babies and they were reunited again.

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