The Cute Dog Was Just Sitting on the Balcony and He Became Gdansk’s Main Attraction. He Was Rated Even Higher Than the Louvre

Each city boasts a couple or a dozen attractions. They boast the same things mainly: museums, churches, beautiful streets, bridges and theaters. But the Polish Gdansk distinguished itself and turned out to be the place where people most of all fell in love with the usual dog who was sitting on the balcony. The Golden Retriever turned out to be so good that it surpassed even the world’s attractions!

The dog has become the main attraction of Polish Gdansk.

The Golden Retriever who lives in Gdansk made the passers-by fall in live with him and he became a local celebrity. The dog is constantly sitting on the balcony on the first floor of the house and scrutinizing the street, delighting the passers-by with his cute muzzle.

The Golden Retriever received not only his tag on Google maps but also a bunch of rave reviews from the passers-by.

This place is called “Słodki pies na balkonie” which is translated as “Cute dog on the balcony.” According to the Top Rated website which analyzes the user ratings the retriever is ranked as the first attraction among the attractions in Gdansk and the second one among all the places in the city. Only the hot dog cafe overtook the dog.

“Cute Dog on the Balcony” surpassed the Louvre, Taj Mahal and the Statue of Liberty by its popularity on the Internet.

This was noticed by a Twitter user under the nickname danieltilles1. He noted that the Louvre’s average rating is 4.7 stars, the Taj Mahal has 4.6, and the Statue of Liberty has 4.7 stars. But the retriever has exactly 5 stars out of 5 and not even one less.

The retriever even has a fan group on Facebook where the people share their photos of the local star.

The absence of the cutie  on the balcony is a general reason for sadness.

And the mood soured.

They make fun of the doggy.

Doggy the cutie even inspired people to make a valentine card.

You are like a balcony for a dog to me. Ideal couple, my support and window to the world and a daily joy.”

So forget about the usual sights like the museums and beautiful streets. Balconies with dogs are a new trend!

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