The parents donated their son a dog as a gift for his courage, but later something amazing was discovered

What a surprising coincidence!

Branson Figueroa is a two years old brave child, who despite his small age, had many difficulties in the beginning of his life. The child had skull surgery, but he managed to overcome all the difficulties and recovered quickly.

The parents were satisfied with the result and they decided to donate the boy a dog as a present for his strong will and courage.

These two became inseparable since the first day of the dog’s arrival. The boy named him Thanos and they built a strong bond.

All day they enjoyed to play and run around the house, even they slept and ate together. But one day the mother noticed that the canine slept heavily and staggered slightly, and even one day he collapsed while walking.

After taking him to a vet, something amazing was discovered. It turned out that the dog had fluid in his head, so he needed the same surgery as their son. The parents were shocked. How could it happen? The same problem and the same treatment for both the child and the dog.

Fortunately, many kind people, who were touched by this story, donated much money to the dog’s treatment.

The owners were so grateful to those who supported them in such a difficult situation, because they were unable to pay for his treatment.

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