«Everyone’s eyes on her!»: This is what Furtado’s only heiress looks like today

You won’t believe your eyes when you see what a beauty Furtado’s daughter has become 🧐🤔

For those who don’t know, N. Furtado has been married twice. During her 4-year marriage she had an adorable daughter. The spouses named her Nevis being inspired by the island’s name on which they spent their happy honeymoon.

However surprising it might seem, the girl will soon turn 20 and has grown up into a real beauty. Her childhood was spent in a musical milieu and her mother often took her on tour together with her.

Currently, hardly anything is known about her personal life. The outstanding singer in her turn is highly praised for raising her child entirely on her own and dedicating herself to her only heiress.

She admitted that her daughter had a separate room where they played with toys and she was almost always there with her during the trips.

What concerns the talented performer’s second marriage, she married Demasio Castellon when Nevis was only 3. Whereas this marriage ended in divorce 8 years later.


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