Professional firefighters saved the puppy, which was trapped in a large hole

A story with a happy ending thanks to the man’s caring nature

A kind man was returning from work one day when he saw a puppy, that had unintentionally fallen into a large hole. The dirty puppy was sitting still in the hole and looking at the man, as if asking him to help.

But the man couldn’t help the puppy with his hands. And he couldn’t left the dog there. The man pleaded other to help on Facebook. He told the story and also shared the dog’s photo to find its owners.

Then the man called the stray animal control devision and asked them to help. And soon the rescue team and also many firefighters came to help the animal: without their help it would have been very hard to pull out the animal. Thanks to professionals quick and hard work the puppy was soon rescued.

He appeared to be in good condition, although he had a trauma and was a little dehydrated. The dog’s owner was soon found thanks to the Internet, who immediately came to take his dog. It is still unknown how the dog appeared in a hole so far from his house.

Maybe he was so overjoyed to be out for a walk, that he forgot the way to home. The man turned out to be very kind and caring. The man doesn’t consider himself a hero.

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