After years’ efforts the man found his missing dog

In this heartwarming scene, an old man eventually found and reunited with his lost companion after three year of searching. Once he tragically lost his faithful pet, he never gave up and still hoped to find him. Thanks heavens, he appeared to be lucky enough to find his truehearted friend.

Since the owner adopted him, the dog was a really indivisible part of his everyday life. They surely were firmly attached to each other. And once the dog got lost, the man faced a tragic loss and did everything possible in order to find him. After a lot of efforts and endeavors, the owner appeared in a desperate condition and couldn’t find any way to comfort himself. Yet he continued searching.

He also used media and announced about his missing friend. Mercifully, all his attempts successfully paid off and the dog was found. The moment when the inseparable pair mercifully reunited was captured on camera.

One person spotted the missing dog the owner described and rushed to let him know. The emotions of two faithful friends were out of this world.

When the animal recognized his owner, he warmly greeted him wagging his tail uncontrollably at the same time.

No one exactly knows where the dog strolled all these years, but according to the yellow tag on his ear, he was caught by animal controllers.

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