Rejected by their own mother, the tiger cubs were welcomed by a caring dog and stayed alive  

It was the dog’s care that kept the tigers alive

 Once, in a zoo a tiger gave birth to three adorable cubs, but she rejected them and refused to take care of them. The chance of their survival was low, because they needed maternal care and support.

Such things happen frequently, when youngsters are abandoned by their mothers. Many of them cannot survive without getting maternal care, while others are lucky enough to meet those who become foster mothers for them and fill the absence of their real mothers.

Here Lizzy, a kind and caring golden retriever, came to help. She decided to take care of the cuties without hesitation, giving them maternal love and attention.

She treated the cuties as her own babies and did her best to provide them with everything they needed. The zookeepers were amazed by the dog’s such behaviour and they were so grateful to her to give the cubs a second chance at life.

Thanks to Lizzy’s efforts, the babies are now alive.

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