The first meeting of these amazing dogs became the beginning of their romance. That’s so cute!  

It’s the most exciting love story!

Meet Lily and Spencer, two lovers, whose story went viral and attracted thousands of people from all over the world. Everything started when Lily and her owner moved to a new house. There she met her neighbour’s dog and immediately fell in love with him.

Although their yards are divided by a wooden fence, this didn’t disturb them to communicate. Every day they came there to meet each other and their bond was becoming stronger day by day.

The owners were sure that these beauties would become inseparable and they were so happy to see that their beloved pets adored each other.

It’s the most affectionate love story that excites everyone.

Each day Lily goes to the fence and waits for her lover there. She becomes so happy when sees Spencer is waiting for her there.

Their parents let them socialise with each other as much as they want, and they are sure that they will stay inseparable till the end.

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