He carried on his way, sadly without cookies. This bear smells the cookie and does everything he can to receive it

Bears are very fond of food and have an amazing sense of smell.

A Connecticut woman was baking cookies in her kitchen as soon as she heard a knock on the screen door and turned to see a quite sudden visitor making an attempt to enter.

A young bear stood on her porch, peering through the glass with the expectation to be invited inside. The bear must have sensed the scent of the cookie and made up his mind to see if the woman would like to share it with him.

The bear has a great desire to get inside and, at some point he climbed onto the railing of the woman’s balcony and stood on them, making an attempt to find a way out. Apparently, this bear is a great lover of cookies.

The woman, definitely, was a bit frightened by the overzealous bear and eventually asked her neighbor, Bob Belfiore, to see if he could come over and assist her gently frightening the bear away.

“He actually left the kitchen and made his way to the second group of doors from the deck,” Belfiore told WFSB. “And tried them on, and then went to the third set of living room doors and made an attempt to hit them.”

Eventually, the bear understood that no one was going to call him inside for a snack, so he carried on his way, sadly without cookies.

Bears are very fond of food and have an amazing sense of smell, so it’s essential not to leave food in territories where bears might appear, as they will undoubtedly make an attempt to come and find it and may return for more in the future.

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