«The world’s hottest woman for 9 million men»: The new provocative photos of actress Megan Fox were heavily criticized

Megan Fox’s recent bold photos in a tight top and with plump lips caused a stir

Among the world’s most attractive, desirable and the epitomes of female beauty is definitely well-known American actress Megan Fox best-remembered for her cult role brilliantly portraying Michaela Baines in «Transformers».

Fox was titled the most attractive woman in 2008 according to the ultimate results of a survey including 9 million men across the world who called her the most attractive female in the world.

Meanwhile, the American actress decided on plastic surgeries and made her lips noticeably plumper letting no one remain silent.

The new seductive look of the star of «The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles» literally left the netizens speechless. The popular actress proudly showed off her magnificent forms in a tight top.

«What’s wrong with her lips?», «She is gradually turning into Kim Kardashian», «Let’s recognize the bounds of decency», «How much plastic in one photo», «Did you get stung by a bee?».

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