A sweet friendship between a dog and a white rabbit, that fell in love at first sight

Adorable connection appeared between a dog and a rabbit

Human’s best friends never stop to surprise us with their unique friendships. There are many stories of a dog friendship with other animals.

Dogs are very loving and affectionate animals, that can love and appreciate everyone.

And this time a dog and a white rabbit became friends. A kind woman, who adored animals rescued the sweet dog a few years ago.

Unfortunately the dog had a difficult past, she was a fighting dog, who had previously been confined to a tree. The woman wanted to adopt a rabbit for a long time, but she was worried for her dog’s reaction. She thought they wouldn’t become friends.

But then she adopted a sweet white rabbit and introduced he dog to her. The woman was surprised by the dog’s affectionate response. She immediately hugged the new family member. After smelling one another, they fell in love and their connection started from their first meeting.

The dog was very kind even with rabbits. The dog followed the rabbit everywhere she went. This friendship is unusual and very beautiful.

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