«Elegant dress and flip flops»: Jennifer Lawrence surprised fans with her mismatched choice of outfit

She decided to forgo the risk of fall in front of the public!🙄Despite the critics’ opinions about Jennifer’s image choice, her appearance left fans speechless🫣😮

Famous and favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence sometimes finds herself in awkward situations on the red carpet. This time she made a choice to feel confident and gave preference to comfort refusing high heels.

When the documentary film «Bread and Roses» premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, Jennifer, fearing that she might fall in front of public, decided to choose ordinary sandals. She confidently walked the red carpet in comfortable sandals.
For the red carpet, she chose an elegant red dress with thin straps with a shawl on her arms. She accessorized her look with a luxurious diamond necklace. For her makeup, she opted for smoky eyeshadow and wine-colored lipstick, and wore her hair down over her shoulders.

But the spotlight was on Jennifer’s shoes. Instead of pretty heels, she wore a pair of flat sandals. These sandals are commonly referred to as «flip-flops», which has never been worn on the red carpet before. She hid her sandals under a luxurious dress, but paparazzi were able to spot and photograph the unconventional footwear as she walked down the stairs of the Palais des Festivals.

This has become one of Jennifer Lawrence’s funniest situations. A few years later, when she was at a dinner in London, it became clear that they had become part of her public image.

Before this, Jennifer Lawrence participated in a photo shoot which was organized for another film and chose a cream knitted dress. She looked very elegant. Jennifer chose a unique knitted outfit with modest heel sandals. Her hair was tied up and she kept her makeup natural and emphasized her beauty.

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