The deer enters a gift shop, then returns with her kids

An amazing customer! The deer wanted to buy something from the shop

There are many people doing shopping in the period of the holidays. And surprisingly this mother deer isn’t exception.

Lori Jones works in a shop selling gifts and supplies in Colorado. There has been many different visits, but the one is really prominent.

She entered just in time.

Joe was in the shop, when suddenly a wild deer came to the shop. When Jones was amazingly watching the deer, it walked around the shop, as if she was a normal customer.

“It was really funny” told Jones. She was looking around at the sunglasses and the chips. I was laughing so hard.”

This deer isn’t a foreigner to Jones. She is the mother of a family living near this area. They usually graze here. But there wasn’t any case, when the deer entered into the shop.

Jones thought, that she lost her way and concluded to attend her out of the shop, attracting her with a peanut bar.

And it helped, or Jones thought so.

She was mistaken.

“After half an hour the deer returned with her whole family. She brought her twins and a young buck.”

The kids were outside.

“They were waiting at the door and it seems, as if they were asking to come in. And Jones said no. It was really amusing.”

It’s unknown why the deer and her family showed such interest in that shop, but Jones didn’t want to let them in, as they are wild animals.

With the peanut bar Jones was able to take the animals into the field. Although she wasn’t a fan of feeding wild animals, in this case she wanted to  reward them.

After Jones clapped her hands, the deer immediately ran into the field, and Jones told after her: “Take your children with you”.

Most of the time shop visitors attained something special from the shop, but this time it was Jones turn.

“They are many wild animals here. They are really amazing.”

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