A dog with a maternal instinct adopted abandoned kittens and took care of them

A caring puppy, who protected the small kittens from other dogs

A dog can understand what it’s like to be abandoned better than anyone else, as he was also abandoned before finding a loving and caring home. The dog had the most touching and sweet reaction when her owner adopted homeless kittens.

She adopted them as they were her own babies. It was clearly the maternal instinct. Their owner told, that it’s amusing as when she gives her the supplies, the dog said «Let me help them». The kittens are her descendants.

The owner told, that when she releases her she would run around examining, cleaning and sniffing them. The puppy accepts her job really seriously. She will protect them from other dogs and put herself in their way.

When her owner saw a post about kittens, that needed 24 hour bottle feeding she eagerly offered her help. It seems as if the puppy herself gave birth to the kittens because of how loving and caring she was with them. She cleans them every time she has a chance and carries on following them.


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