The photographer took amazing photos where the dogs seem to be flying in the air. So beautiful!

Such a funny idea by the photographer!

Once a famous Russian photographer named Anna Averianova had an amazing idea to take some interesting photos of dogs in a basket, as if they were flying in the air.

The woman enjoys taking photos since she was a child, and the main subject of her photos are dogs, because she claims that they are kind, loyal and truthful. Her family has always kept dogs, so she knows how to interact with them.

Although there are times when photographing dogs is difficult because they are active and flexible, mostly she manages to take beautiful photos of them.

In her photos, it looks like the animals are flying in the air because everything seems so natural, but in reality, she used many techniques to get such adorable scenes.

Fortunately, the models in these photos were very calm and patient, so the photographer didn’t have to work hard to get what she wanted. And also their owners supported her to complete the task perfectly.

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