A Squirrel Has Been Persistently Knocking on the Windows of People for 8 Years.  After Knowing the Reason, the Residents Were Taken Aback …

For 8 years a squirrel appeared on the windowsill and knocked on the window. Only years later, the family understood the message; their father saved the little squirrel a long time ago.

Brantley Harrison cured the wounded little squirrel and forgot about the incident. He left the animal in nature, then divorced his wife and went to another place.

But the squirrel grew up and remembered the kindness of a person. It ran to the window of the house and knocked on it but the family didn’t understand what the animal wanted.

Harrison came home for the weekend and saw an old acquaintance of his. The man immediately understood that the squirrel shows its gratitude.

And besides this it turned out that the squirrel was about to have offspring. They decided to keep the animal and now it is a part of a large friendly family.

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