«Nothing left of the Pretty Woman»: The way legendary Hollywood star Roberts has changed became the center of heated discussions

The fans hardly recognized the iconic «Pretty Woman» star in recent paparazzi photos

Perhaps, everyone will recognize this iconic, incredibly talented and overall-famous Hollywood actress who, at her 23, starred in the film «Pretty Woman». For many, it would be hard to realize that the legendary actress is already 55 and has changed a lot.

Always being strongly against plastic surgeries and cosmetic injections, the star has changed a great deal becoming hard to recognize in the eyes of her fans. Some claimed that they wouldn’t recognize Roberts when they saw her in the streets.

Probably, the prominent actress was going to a take part in a photoshoot since there was no makeup on her face and her hair wasn’t styled. Or, she just went out for a cup of coffee.

The current appearance of the iconic movie star became the center of heated discussions.

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