The dog became the stray cat’s pet

The stray cat was able to enter the gate and make the yard her home

The dog named Blink has never seen a cat, that she wasn’t able to befriend. As she had an easygoing personality and also her owner Liza had adopted many cats she became used to controlling them.

Blink just met a cat, that was on the other side of the gate.

Almost a year ago the stray cat discovered a free food, that the woman leaves for the homeless animals in their front yard.

And over time the stray cat became more confident and began exploring the woman’s property.

The woman told, that she had entered their yard passing the gate. When her husband went out to allow Blink out, he didn’t see that the cat was there.

The woman and her husband understood the cat needed a place to live, so she continued to return. It was clear, that Blink let the cat and did something amazing.

“I want to take her to the vet now, that I considered to adopt her and also she made my dog her pet. Blink benefits from having as many feline friends as possible.”

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