«The bikini queen after the divorce»: The fans could find no words to describe how much they were delighted with Shakira’s figure

No one could take their eyes off singer Shakira’s stunning body in a two-piece bikini

Recently, the whole Internet is actively discussing the breakup of outstanding and overall-recognized singer and dancer Shakira and her chosen one Gerard Pique. Their family scandals are currently the center of heated discussions.

The iconic star is trying to show in all ways that she isn’t going to forgive her husband and go back to him after his betrayal. According to reliable sources, Pique had a love affair with a waitress while being married to Shakira.

The song she performed said «I Was Out of Youngue and that’s who You’re with Someone Just Like You».

Her recent vacation shots where she proudly demonstrates her stunning figure in a two-piece bikini trying to prove that she still flourishes and looks fantastic while being a mother of two.

Many were left speechless once they knew what Pique did to Shakira wondering how it was possible to prefer someone else.

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