A man working at the zoo took the responsibility to adopt a leopard

Amazing connection between a man and his beloved leopard

A man named Alex became popular with an unusual story. Alex adopted a leopard, which he kept in his house. He used to work at the zoo.

He was very connected to the strong and adorable leopard named Caser, that had health problems due to missing a leopard, that had been transported to another zoo.

And after that the zoo had to be shut down. And Alex considered to rescue Caser after that.

Thanks to the man the leopard had the most pleasant house and they became very much connected. He never left the animal alone and they always spent their time together.

Alex told, that the leopard fully transformed his life. Alex and Caser completely understand one another and can have arguments at the same time. He considers himself more like the animal’s friend than the owner.

He adopted the animal as he was worried for his future, but he doesn’t advice anyone to do so, as it means a lot of responsibility.

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