9 days after this aircraft crashed in the middle of uninhabited jungles, one of the passengers appeared

The plane tragically crashed in jungles, but one passenger miraculously survived

Meet Peruvian Juliana Koepcke whose story began in the year 1972 and who was the only one to miraculously survive a tragic plane crash.

The aircraft which was carrying her and her mother suddenly broke down and landed from a great height in the middle of deserted and inhabited jungles.

Though many years have already passed since the terrible incident, people are still wondering how this little, unexperienced and thrilled child managed to stay alive in a remote area full of wild animals for 9 years.

Everything started when Juliana and her mother decided to surprise their father for Christmas who at that time lived in another city.

All of a sudden, the aircraft broke down but the fire didn’t break out due to the rain. People were more than sure that no one would stay alive.

Being seriously injured because of the crash, that is having one broken arm, deep cuts on the whole body and torn tendon, Juliana could miraculously survive. The thing is that owing to her father, she had an idea how to survive in an uninhabited place. Firstly, she attempted to find her mother, whereas in vain.

After several days keeping her existence in the jungles, her health condition got better to some extent and she luckily found a box of chocolate to eat for some time.

Only after 9 days trying to survive in the jungles suffering from numerous wounds and injuries did Juliana eventually reach the lumberjack’s hut.

The poor girl’s wounds were taken good care of and soon she reached the civilization.

Being inspired by this sensational story, three films were released and Juliana herself wrote her own autobiography as well.

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