The stray kitten not only found a safe place to live, but also received maternal love and care

She is sure that the little kitten is her own baby

Lea had been a stray and defenceless kitten, who was found by some rescuers and taken to a shelter. The condition of the poor animal was awful, so the staff had to act fast.

After spending some tome at the shelter, the kitten gained much weight and became quite healthy and strong. Now it was time to explore new things, people and animals.

While Lea was interested in almost everything around him, Pollar, another rescued cat, had already spotted him and wanted to socialise with him.

There’s no doubt that these beauties would become inseparable, because Pollar was completely captured by him and didn’t miss the chance to approach him. After a short time they were already petting each other and the staff knew there was something special between them.

Pollar took the role of the kitten’s mother and she was sure that Lea was her own baby. As for Lea, she was feeling safe and relaxed in her new mother’s arms and it’s enough for her.

Now this two continue to share a strong bond. They are always together and enjoy sharing the sweetest moments with each other.

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