While the vet and owners expected the dog to have only six puppies, she had another surprise for them

Such unexpected arrivals!

When the owner of this amazing dog took her to a clinic for checkup, the vets claimed that she would have six or eight pups. But the cutie had another big surprise for them.

Neither six, nor eight: twenty wonderful pups were born. The owners were shocked to see that they were coming one after the other until their number reached to 12.

When the last one was born, the dog calmed down, but the owners were confused and they hurried to the vet clinic.

The mother dog was satisfied with her great job and began to take care of her pups at once. The scene was very exciting and the owners were looking at them with admiration.

Although their arrival was really unexpected, they all were healthy. The owners decided to keep them all in their house, until they would be old enough for adoption.

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