The woman shows her canine clients before and after care, and the results are always amazing

Dogs look incredibly different before and after grooming

Jasmyn Jenson is a 28 years old woman who is fond of dog grooming and photographing. So she decided to combine these two professions and got a wonderful result.

The woman started her job since 2009 and now she is quite well-known in her district. Many of her canine clients come there in poor conditions and leave looking completely different.

Seeing how people reacted to her wonderful jobs, the woman created an Instagram account and began to share photos of her clients before and after her work.

At first dogs have warm baths, then get attractive haircuts and become completely different. They enjoy the process and leave the saloon with happy and confident face expressions as if they know that they look perfect.

The groomer has a Labrador retriever, who is her permanent client since the early age of his life. Now he is three years old and keeps coming to the saloon once a week. He knows how the behave there and sits calmly till the end of the process.

It is not an easy task because not everyone likes it and in many cases the woman has to put in effort to complete her job well.

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