Meet Buster: The Adorable Car Repair Shop Kitty Who Wins Hearts and Customers with his Purr-fect Charm

The man must be respected for his love towards homeless cats 必必

A man named Ray came to work one day and he saw a homeless kitten next to his door. As he was an animal lover he considers to let the kitty enter and was very excited for her arrival.

When Ray opened the door the kitty immediately went inside and felt herself at home. It appeared as if he had loved there for all his life. Ray had saved many cats and taken them home, so there wasnt free space for a new one, but he immediately considered something.

He considered keeping the kitty, whom he named Buster at his office. And Buster immediately liked his new workplace. He dies printing, checks emails and even introduces himself to the new hires and wants to know they can do many things at the same time.

But his beloved thing is spending his time with customers. He just presents himself to customers when they come. He brushes up to them greeting and checking their ride.

Ray finds Buster most of the time in the customers car. Ray soon fell in love with Buster and didnt like leaving him at the junkyard. And he considered taking him some every weekend.

Buster adores playing with Rays other cats and he also adores being inside the house. But every Monday he is ready in the morning to return to work.

Buster is a really important member of the junkyard team and they didnt know what to do without him. Ray must be respected for his big love for homeless cats.

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