In Kharkov kind people rescued a cat, who spent 3 days in the sewer

Thanks to the efforts of caring people, the rescuers managed to get a little cat out of the sewer. This story happened in one of the districts of Kharkov.  

The kid fell into the open hatch and himself couldn’t get out. The cat began to meow plaintively, asking for help. Some of the passers-by were not too lazy to call the public utilities and volunteers.  

For several years, the rescuers, who arrived tried to get the fluffy out of captivity. 

But he was afraid of people and immediately ran deep into the sewers. It was possible to lure the baby out only on the third day with the help of goodies.  

We hope, that this will end the kitten’s misfortunes. Someone from the residents of the neighbouring house took the baby for himself. True, not forever, but until there are permanent owners. 

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