«A snow-white angel from a dark-skinned supermodel»: Iconic model Campbell and her little heiress drew everyone’s attention

Here is the little daughter of model Campbell whom she is trying to hide from us

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, since her daughter was born, has always been trying to hide her from all ill-wishers and paparazzi. Whereas the iconic woman has lately been caught together with her little snow-white princess.

The model keeps insisting that she herself gave birth to her daughter. Though many are convinced that the 50-year-old woman simply couldn’t do that and she probably turned to surrogacy.

The fact that the little daughter of the well-known supermodel is fair-skinned left Campbell’s fans completely speechless and raised a lot of questions among the netizens.

Many were wondering whether or not the iconic woman gave birth to her heiress on her own and who is the father of this adorable snow-white angel.

«She looks incredibly like her iconic mother. How adorable!». Do you think so?

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