The “Worst Cat in the World” Now Has a Strong Competitor. This is Hugo the Dog Who Has Run away from Home over 270 Times

Dogs are usually called the “good creatures” but Hugo’s one and a half year old Cocker Spaniel doggy who proves that he is not at all like that very often. This dog managed to escape from home more than 270 times during his life! He absolutely cannot be left unattended: he will chew everything on that comes across even money. It seems “the worst cat in the world” named Perdita should move over because she has a worthy competitor!

Cocker Spaniel Hugo has run away from home over 270 times.

The owners of Hugo are named Kelly Coombs and Brian and they also have two sons. One of them is 11 and the other 14 years old. They call their petty “Hugo the Terrible” because this little dog spreads destruction and cannot be trusted. He started running away from home a day later as a puppy. Hugo chews on the net, digs a tunnel and gets out of the fence. Fortunately, he does not manage to run very far from the house. He is usually found in no more than half an hour.

If Hugo doesn’t plan to escape then he chews on EVERYTHING: furniture, clothes and even money.

Kelly works from home so she has the ability not to leave Hugo unattended. Therefore, the family has to check if there is anything left where the dog can reach and destroy. He loves lightning very much .

Why is Hugo behaving like this?

The family doesn’t know what is the reason for the cutie’s behavior. The dog has a wonderful life and he is accepted and loved for his hyperactive character. Maybe he’s just still very young and can’t sit still because he wants adventure. The time will show everything!

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