A sweet kitty abandoned on the road changed into a polite and healthy kitty

A poor animal was finally found and rescued 

The little kitten was abandoned on the side of the road and a young man came across it when he was driving home. The little animal was very weak and couldn’t respond to any car signals.

The young man went out of his car and took the animal. The little one regained its consciousness after being warmed up in the car.

It was a real happiness, that the kitten was absolutely healthy and unharmed. The initial reason for the animal’s abandonment was unclear. After being adopted the kitty was already relaxing in the house. The new owners showed her how to get to the tray. The kitty turned out to be very smart and friendly.

The kitty adores sleeping on her specially prepared bed and also goes everywhere with her owner. The kitty changed into a very polite and social one after finding new owners. And she got a lot of presents in the new year and lived in a warm and comfortable house.

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