«In a scarlet dress inspired by Lady Di»: The way Elizabeth Debicki appeared on the Red Carpet deserves special attention

The bold look of «The Crown» star on the Red Carpet caused intense criticism

Among the attenders of the prestigious Guild Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles became famous and incredibly talented actress E. Debicki. The bold, but graceful image of «The Crown» star caused a stir.

The seductive scarlet dress Debicki proudly appeared in quickly became the subject of heated discussions. It was quite clear that she didn’t wear any bra and didn’t even mind openly showing her slender figure.

According to the popular actress, she was actually inspired by late Princess Diana who was believed to be a great fan of scarlet elements in her wardrobe. Debicki’s evening makeup and elegantly styled hair weren’t unnoticed as well.

«How dare you!», «She possesses a dream body», «What a provocative look for the Red Carpet!», «This color definitely goes quite well with blondies».

How would you rate the attractive scarlet dress of the «The Crown» star?

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