The beautiful puppy became the top draw in the gallery

The distinctive puppy with unusual beauty 

There are a lot of photos of adorable beautiful puppies and kitties on the Internet, who are so adorable that it is impossible not to notice them.

So the Pomeranian puppy breeder produced new offspring. There are a lot of people, who couldn’t understand the unusual beauty of animals.

And one puppy was absolutely adorable and different from other Pomeranians with a thicker coat. And the animal was then taken to the shelter after finding out it is impossible to sell him.

But the beautiful puppy didn’t stay at the shelter for a long time. He was soon taken to the new home. The New York art gallery owner adopted him and soon he became a too draw in the gallery and attracted a lot of people.

The owner has an Instagram account where she shares a lot of photos of herself and her puppy. He has become a real superstar on Instagram and has a lot of followers.

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