The adventurous dog, who adores exploring the highlands with his owner

The sweet puppy with an adorable soft toy

The woman named Melania Hawke adopted a puppy. When she learned from the breeder about the dog’s birth she bought a soft toy online like a green dragon.

The touching story of the boy’s meeting with a genuine dragon, that he found all of a sudden in the woods amazed everyone.

The animal became very linked to the toy and refused to let it go even when he grew older.

The owner told, that her dog is very active, adventurous and happy. She likes taking her dog with her while exploring the highlands. She adores going on long walks and tries to take her dog with her.

The puppy transforms immediately only when she is next to her dragon. The owner captured the puppy and her beloved toy from the very beginning and made an adorable memory out of it. She changed the owner’s life a lot and they are very close to one another.

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