The whole world was moved by the photo of a stray dog with a dirty stuffed toy. That’s heartbreaking!

The stray dog just wants to be on the street…

Every kind action is commendable, no matter it is towards animals or humans.

A rescue group from Texas is concentrated on stray animals and they do their best to save and help as many strays as possible.

Unfortunately, our world is full of defenceless animals who mostly need human care and support. These rescuers work hard to make their lives better and they have already saved 860 dogs.

At first they take helpless animals from the streets and then find forever homes for them. They take a photo of the rescued animal and then share it on social media, touching the whole world.

The photo of this stray dog also went viral, but his story was a bit different. When the rescuers came across this cutie sleeping on the street with a stuffed toy, they were moved by the scene, but couldn’t take him with them at once for some reasons.

When the next day they came back to the same place to take the doggy, they didn’t find him there. Instead, they met an old man, who said that the dog ran away, wishing to be on the street again.

Unfortunately, the rescuers haven’t found him, yet, but they do their best to find some information about the cutie.

Maybe he enjoys the street life, but after being found, he will be given a better and happier life which he really deserves.

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