“A mysterious hole appeared in the garden” The family discovered a hole in the yard that expanded daily, reaching a height of 7 feet

There is a massive hole in their yard! 😱😳 What was the weird hole used for?🤔 How did the couple find a hole in their yard, and is it dangerous to have it? 🤔😊 Check the article to know the details👇

Emma James says she’s never seen anything like that before.

While Emma James was cutting the grass in front of her house with a lawnmower, she found a hole in the ground. The hole gradually got bigger until it was 2 meters deep. What made it strange was that there were rusty steps inside it!

However, the hole isn’t big enough for someone to go down now; authorities think the tunnel in their yard goes to a canal that was closed 35 years ago.

The couple asked the company that built their house in 1984 about the tunnel, but they didn’t know where it went. Emma said it is strange that they have a hole in their yard with steps, but they don’t know where it goes. There’s cement and old metal below; that’s it. The family just wants to know what it is. It is not usual to have a hole in their yard. 

The local council said the tunnel goes to a drain that has been closed for 30 years, but the couple wants someone to check it. Despite what the council said, no one has come to look yet.

 The couple hoped no one would fall in, but they had to put up signs to stop people from going near the hole as it may be dangerous.

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