They knew how to make their 101 years old mother happy and satisfied

That’s the sweetest duo ever!

Things like this rarely happen, so enjoy this amazing story of a 101-year-old woman getting a wonderful surprise from her children.

Meet Gus, a 20 years old rescued cat, who spent many years at the shelter, but now enjoys the life he deserves. Despite his age, he is quite healthy and strong.

One day the staff of the shelter got a call from a family, who wanted an appropriate pet for their 101 years old mother. Of course, Gus was the best option.

Penny, the granny, had lost her beloved pet and instead of it, she was given a stuffed animal, but it’s obvious that she wasn’t pleased with it.

Looking at this photo, you’ll understand how appropriate a couple they are. It’s what the old woman always desired. They need each other a lot.

Now Gus is provided with everything he needs to be happy, and we hope that they will spend many more unforgettable moments together.

They are so adorable, right?

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