The kitty herself chose the owner and enjoyed her life with her new owner

An adorable story of a kitty enjoying life with a new owner

Many stories demonstrate, that animals usually choose their owners and consider if they want to live with them.

Animals are very sensitive and they can easily decide whether a person is kind and caring or not. Then they consider being friends with them.

And the kitty named Lucy, that was living in the shelter chose her owner herself. A man came to the shelter and the kitty understood he was very caring.

She looked at the man without stopping.

The man took the kitty and they immediately fell in love with one another. The kitty understood the man was very kind and started to show off all her love.

They befriended at first sight and the kitty enjoyed being in the man’s arms. After the kitty chose the owner, he immediately took her to the vet. Now the kitty is very active and healthy and enjoys her life with her new owner.

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