A sweet husky, whose fur was so sparse, that no one understood what breed it was

The poor husky, that changed into a beautiful puppy thanks to his owners’ love

A poor puppy named Elfie lived in an empty house in the state of South Dakota until volunteers arrived. The animal’s fur was so sparse, that the animal rights advocates couldn’t understand what breed it was.

And then the puppy was given to a family, who cared for her. And after the puppy’s fur began to grow again the owners understood it was a husky.

And after she finished the needed treatment she could be taken to her forever home. She was lucky to have a loving home, but sadly she still had some problems.

As the owners adored the puppy and looked after him perfectly she became a lovely, happy puppy with a beautiful coat.

But the adorable dog still had some problems with her rear legs, but her loving owner hops, that it would soon be solved and the adorable puppy would have a usual life.

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