The girl saw the picture of a wolf cub on social media and decided to change his life

What a courageous decision!

After being rejected by his own mother, Kaira the wolf cub was saved by the young girl, when he was just 28 days old. His mother refused to look after him, instead the girl gave him maternal love and care.

In general, wolf cubs stay under the care of shelter staff, but this case was a bit different. The workers couldn’t take care about the baby well, so Aida, the young woman stepped, when she saw his picture on the Internet. She decided to take the wolf home and provide him with everything he needed.

Aida was sure that she could be a perfect mother for the defenceless creature. She made the baby’s life better showing that wild animals can also be friendly and affectionate.

She claims that Kaira loves to socialise with everyone and befriends with children. Many people cannot remain indifferent when they pass by his side and stop to take a picture of him.

The cute wolf lives as a pet and enjoys his life next to his loving owner.

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