Bus driver risked his job and everything he had to help the dogs feel happy at least for a moment  

Not everyone could dare to do it

It’s sad to see that there are helpless and defenseless animals who have to survive outside in cold weather, search for food and a place to stay, while others have warm and cozy homes, everything to eat and loving owners.

People must be kind and caring towards these poor creatures like our today’s hero. In Buenos Aires, a bus driver, who has a big heart, risked everything he had and allowed two stray dogs inside.

Although it was against the rules, as it is forbidden to allow animals in any form of transport in their city, the man acted bravely without even thinking about the consequences.

The poor creatures were in terrible condition, they both were frozen and needed help. So he couldn’t remain indifferent about them and tried to make them feel happy even for a moment.

The passengers caught the moment on cameras and posted them on social media. The story went viral and it was discussed a lot. Many animal lovers offered to find homes for the cuties and expressed their admiration for the man’s kindness.

Since the photos were spread all over the Internet, the city’s statement was informed about the incident, which warned the man not to do such things again. This time he was not punished for his kindness.

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