A brave-hearted bulldog heroically jumps into a speedy river to rescue a poor drowning boy

This doggie’s praiseworthy action made everyone speechless!

This legendary dog from South Australia managed to bravely save a boy who was desperately drowning on a river’s mouth. Everything went quite well until he got swept out to rocky water. Luckily, this dog with good mental agility and intelligence, perceived the seriousness of the situation and rushed to take him to the dry land.

Mike was enjoying the moment on that bright sunny day with his dad and 11-year-old brother. Suddenly, the dad realized the boy was in panic so he clearly knew it was high time to take action. Whereas, before he was preparing to jump into the water, Mike had already headed to the suffering boy.

The disastrous tides were going in swallowing and sucking the poor boy over to large rocks and deep into the river.

In a few seconds, Mike managed to reach the drowning boy and, grabbing his jacket, took him to the shores. The adorable bulldog was hailed a hero and everyone got proud of his heroic action. Details about Mike’s legendary gesture below!

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