«One life and body for two»: This is how the Siamese sisters who were separated at the age of 2 have changed over time

Here are 6-year-old Siamese twins Eva and Erica who were separated at the age of 2

Here are adorable twin sisters Eva and Erica who were born in 2014 and had a common body, one pair of legs for both of them. These sweet girls were always in a close relationship and got along very well with each other.

However, for their daughters’ sake, their parents made a crucial decision to separate them so as to make their lives much easier and less burdensome. And, finally, the day of the operation came and now their lives wouldn’t be the same anymore.

The results of the major 18-hour operation were breathtaking. Now, everything was alright. Before long, they were sent home and the family was happier than ever.

However, the sisters needed some time for a complete recovery since they two didn’t know how to do even elementary things on their own. The surgery opened news doors for them and now they became totally independent of each other.

Currently, they are 6 and have become popular in their local area. Many sincerely admire their strong willpower. The former Siamese twins have a cherish dream – to become popular models one day.

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