Healing Hearts and Paws: Vet’s Compassionate Mission to Help Homeless People and Their Pets Inspires Acts of Kindness

Sweet story, that motivates people to perform kind deeds 🥹🥲

De. Stewart is a real hero.

He is a busy vet, who spends most of his time at work, treating many animals.

And during his free time he walks the streets looking for stray people and their pets. He offers to check the health of their pets and also offers his medical attention.

He considered about this idea when he worked as a shelter vet. And during that time he understood, that people simply took their pets to the shelter, because they weren’t able to pay their vet bills.

And after this he understood that there are many homeless people’s pets, who are in need of medical care.

And after this, he opened a temporary clinic next to a soup kitchen and invited people to bring their pets for a check-up. And then he considered examining them for free.

During this year this kind of vet has helped almost 400 homeless people and their pets. And he also told, that although he puts a lot of money and time into his one-man mission he feels like he gets just as much out of it as the people and the animals, whom he helps.

He told, that it’s something like an emotional reward, when you give a lot to someone and get even more in return.

Many people, who helped others got as much as they gave to others and even more. And it’s true about Dr. Stewart.

And of course, the world needs as much people as Dr. Stewart.

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