An American Bought a House and Found It in His Basement … a Happy Pit bull!

An American family decided to move to St. Louis and bought an old house there.  The first thing the father of the family wanted to do was to inspect the new property and evaluate the sum of repair work, who discovered that the building was not empty.  There was a pit bull dog which was chained up among the piles of rubbish.  It seemed to be the happiest pit bull in the world, because his life was saved!

The man called the police and they forwarded the case to the local animal shelter, and when the local specialists arrived at the house, they saw just an opposite picture.  In an absolute dark basement, where there was only old trash, a small spotted pit bull was jumping out of joy and twirling his tail.  The dog had no water or food, so it was incredibly happy that people had finally appeared and of course saved it.

But who could have condemned such a wonderful animal to a painful death?  When the new owners made inquiries, it turned out that the empty building was occupied by squatters, vagabonds and other lumpen rabbles.  They were kicked out before selling the house, but the owner did not want to dig into the trash which was in the basement.  And he had no idea that there was someone there.  There was also a good side of the story as the new owners of the house decided that this was a good sign and wished to leave the dog at their house.  Fortunately, it was so happy to be saved, so jumped and had fun. And for this reason  it immediately earned the nickname “Prancing Pea”.

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