After losing her own children, a desperate dog became a foster mother to others  

This is how she overcame a difficult period in her life 

It all happened so fast that barn owner Jessica Woodruff couldn’t figure out how. Her barn burned down, and all the animals passed away, including 7 newborn puppies.

Their mother Daisy was heartbroken. Although she tried to save her babies, she failed.

It’s terrible to see how the poor mother was suffering, but no one could help her. So her lovely owner came up with a great idea to support her in such a bad condition.

When she was informed that her sister was looking for an appropriate family for 8 orphaned puppies, she hurried to adopt them. In this way, she wanted to return Daisy’s smile.

The caring mother welcomed her new puppies with happiness and became a foster mother to them.

She looked after them as her own babies. After spending some time together, the puppies were sent to their owner. Only one of them stayed with Daisy.

Luckily, Daisy overcame this difficult period in her life.

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